Welcome to the ULTRACHIRAL project

This is the landing page for the UltraChiral project.

UltraChiral is a H2020/FET Open project, aiming to address the need, both scientific/academic and industrial, for sensitive measurements of chirality, in a variety of contexts. The coordinating Polarization Spectroscopy Group, led by Prof. T. P. Rakitzis at FORTH, has demonstrated a novel way of measuring chirality-induced optical rotation signals. Within the early stages of the project, the demonstrated setup will evolve and mature, becoming more sensitive, robust, and versatile. Once this process reaches a satisfactory stage, a variety of applications will be taken up by the application-oriented members of the consortium, which comprises world-leading groups in their respective fields. The implications of being able to measure chirality sensitively, in a wide range of situations, should have a big impact in a variety of scientific fields and industrial sectors, from analytical chemistry to biology, as well as to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food industries, and more.

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