Photek Limited

The PHOTEK product line centres on state-of-the-art photon and particle detectors, cameras and electronics, and recently has expanded to include a solid state cameras and vacuum apparatus. PHOTEK’s vacuum detectors typically use MCPs (microchannel plates) for signal amplification. The standard detectors PHOTEK offer are relatively mature products which serve well-defined market segments; however there is limited scope for increased sales with these well-established products, particularly with the threat of new technologies such as Avalanche Photodiode detectors which have the potential to take over much of PHOTEK’s vacuum detector market. Therefore, PHOTEK have looked to diversify their product offerings in recent years, moving towards the biological, life science and mass spectrometry market in the development of instrumentation and accessories. PHOTEK have a team of skilled design, mechanical and electronic engineers with vast capabilities for research and development and precision engineering. With the imminent decrease in competition, PHOTEK are in prime position to become world leaders in development and supply of such technology.